Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I just wanted to share some pictures of some of the get togethers that we had so far this summer. Also I put some of Megan playing soccer and her field day at the end of school. Enjoy!

More to come........

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ok, I was finally able to download some pictures!!! This is Meg's school program, they did the Three Little Pigs. Megan was so nervous cause she hates getting in front of everyone. One of the girls that had a speaking part got sick so at the last minute they asked Meg to do her speaking part, she said YES! Well we didn't know this so when she got up to do it Roger had the camera off :-(. But she did do it and it was great! I was so proud of here that she pushed herself into doing it,and of course we had to take her out to CiCi's afterwards.

This is the Big Bad Wolf, he was really good!

Megan and her teacher Mr. Casillas, Logan had to get in the picture, this kid loves Megan's teacher, he has to give him a hug every time he sees him.

Megan and her BFF Emma as pigs, lol that kinda fits them both!

There is Meg at the very bottom right next to the American Flag.

This is Megan's Soccer Practice, she was a little nervous at the beginning but warmed up fast. She has the greatest coaches that will tell you up and then give you a great big hug saying good job. Her first game is Saturday and she is so excited, I wouldn't have ever thought I would see Megan playing any kind of sport but she seems good (that's coming from mom) and she seems to be loving it.

This is them playing a little game to get to know each other.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Well I have been trying to download some pictures for all of you but something isn't working right so no pictures this time. Last week was one of those weeks for me, Monday was a day of tears, I just cried over everything! I opened up Meg's Back Pack to find her Progress Report and noticed she had gotten a 50 in SS!!!! I just broke down in front of her asking why, well she just looked at me like, What's Wrong With You? Well through out the day I could just feel me wanting to brake down at any second, and with some people frustrating me, here came the tears. I was an emotional wreck!!! I called Roger and he was no help cause he just laughed saying it's cause you're pregnant, well I knew that but didn't want to hear that right now. lol. So I called my good friend Julie and as I was crying to her I realized that this was way out of my comfort zone. Wow how God worked in me to pick that phone up and ask for help, I'm so stubborn in that area.

As the week went on it was really one thing after another, lets just say it ended with my car breaking down in the line up at Meg's school so everyone had to go around me to Logan getting the Flu. I'm so glad that it ended and that I survived. Thank God for good worship songs that I can crank up and to good friends.

Meg has started Soccer and I have some really good pictures of her at practice, I will get them up as soon as my computer stops being stupid! I hope you all have a blessed week and remember if you have one of those weeks crank up the music (Chris Tomlin) and call on a friend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

We had a very busy weekend but a very fun weekend. We went to the rodeo for Roger's birthday and had a blast! We go every year and always look forward to it.

Here is Logan waiting for the Rodeo to start, he was so excited can't you tell.

This is Logan's favorite part of the Rodeo, the bull riding!

This is us at the Rodeo

Memom was in Heaven with all the Grandkids around her.

This is Ashlynn being Groovy!

Ashlynn, Megan, and Logan in the cattle barn.

The girls thought the barns smelled!

Me with my Cowboy!

Logan trying to see the animals on Daddy's shoulders.

Ashlynn and Megan looking at the animals.

I can't believe Lexi is one, it has gone by so fast, Laurie gave Lexi such a good party and Lexi had a blast entertaining everyone with her sweet smile.

Roger and Lexi on their Birthday!

Lexi digging into her Birthday Cake

Lexi trying to get Uncle Roger with her cake.

What's left of her cake.

Lexi washing up, she is so cheesy!

Lexi with her dress that Mimi gave to her.

At the end she really got into opening those gifts.

We had so much fun this weekend with everyone, Roger I hope you had a Great Birthday and Lexi slow down in the growing up thing!